Viewing FAQS

Who can I come with to a viewing?
It is a good idea to come to a viewing with your partner/the person that you may make a joint decision with about signing your child/ren up with us; as well as your child/ren that you are looking for a place for.
Why don’t you do viewings during the week whilst you are open?
Bonding School operates from 8am – 6pm, Monday – Thursday in a small home environment, with up to six children under 5 years old daily and two members of staff. To safeguard our children, we only do viewings on Friday or during our closed holiday periods.

You can view our video on our homepage to get an idea of what we get up to.

Who will we meet at the viewing?
At the viewing, you will meet Teamara Adams
How much do you charge per day?
Bonding School charges £65.00 per day, but invoices monthly.

During the holidays, a fee of 25% is charged, there are 38 days holiday each year.

A monthly standing order will be payable in advance adjusted for holidays depending on number of days/hours.

Weekly Holiday Monthly Monthly adjusted for holidays
Daily Rate £65.00 £16.25 £281.67 £227.50
Half Day week £32.50 £8.13 £140.83 £135.42
1 Day a week £65.00 £16.25 £281.67 £270.83
2 Days a week £130.00 £32.50 £563.33 £541.67
3 Days a week £195.00 £48.75 £845.00 £812.50
4 Days a week £260.00 £65.00 £1,126.67 £1,083.33
5 Days a week £300.00 £75.00 £1,300.00 £1,250.00
Just wanted to say that I am really happy about the childcare that you are providing.

Forgot to tell you that, Super Service.

Pola’s mum

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