I guess because I run a business my time isn’t seen as precious

but I’m also a mother with other demands and fluffy pillow dreams

every minute to me is just as worthy as another person’s

I schedule meetings and viewings with my contact number and home address

and if an appointment can’t be kept I still don’t get a call or a text

after a viewing I get an instant sign up or no further communication

not even a Sorry Lady but we’ve found a place that fits the right spec.

I mean it’s all okay


We’re all on a big journey together

but communication isn’t forbidden

it can be a huge blessing

Just some thoughts on viewings, I really think that childminders are personal.

Not every setting is for every child/family, just like I think that not every church delivers a message in the same way and that message needs to be delivered in diverse ways for different people.

Even though I hope that most families that come for a viewing can sign up, not every family can and will.

I don’t know I guess I just think that as small home-based businesses it’s just common courtesy for people to let us know that they can no longer come to a viewing, or if they are no longer interested in a space and for the reasons that they aren’t because this could also help us to upgrade from a potential clients perspective and that in itself is a positive.