I don’t even know what I’ll be doing for Christmas yet, let alone thinking about a Pre-Christmas clean out! But I do know that after Christmas we accumulate a bit more in the household and I always try to head into a new year with a CLEAN, FRESH START.

On my wish list I’d LOVE:

  • Some lovely nighties or comfortable PJ’s
  • Ugg Slippers
  • New bedsheets
  • A brown fitted winter Coat
  • Some Candles from Smash Bang Wallop
  • A cleanse, heal and balance kit from Aurakits
  • A New Budgeting Diary
  • A fancy handbag
  • Some leather boots
  • A genuine guy to build with (lol)

So, what do I need to do before that wish list comes true?

On top of spring cleaning the house:

  • All essential paperwork needs to be update
  • All bills should be accounted for and if any have slipped under the radar, payment plans need to be put into place
  • Our clothes, shoes, jackets and toys need to be sorted through, with any small or damaged clothes thrown out or given to charity
  • My makeup and jewellery draw needs to be sorted through with any dried out, broken or nearly expired products being thrown out
  • My personal phone book needs to be cleared, with all unnecessary ties to people who aren’t serving any necessary purpose being in my contact list, deleted and possibility blocked because temptation to connect with the wrong person can be a REAL bummer sometimes! Ever go through something in life and think, but I was shown the warning signs, but big old me decided to put my silly hat on and now I’m really and truly annoyed that all of this could have been avoided?

Well time to erase those messages, analyse why that person is really in your life and if needed press delete.

  • Make a household timetable, block out work and concentrate on my before and after work hours, to try and make my life much more productive than it is for my family and I. Things I’m planning to include are:
  • Fitness
  • Driving lessons
  • Rewards for the week for The 3J’s
  • Circle Time with The 3J’s
  • Washing Load
  • Ironing
  • Reading for myself & with The 3J’s
  • Meditation & Prayer
  • Homework
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Bath Time
  • Email clear outs
  • Me Time to go out and socialise
  • Family Bonding activities/days out
  • Time to study something new
  • Pick up the phone and call family or a friend, too much texting these days, even If I have to give 30 min blocks to my loved ones.

AND that’s about it.

Time to think about how I am really going to be having a magical Christmas this year. Blame it on my star sign, I’m a Pisces (every great dream must become our reality).