What a month April has been; I spent half of my holiday updating my setting with a new bench so that we can cater for more families in the future, then I went on a Surprise/break visit to Ghana.

It was amazing, it was only 6 days but well worth the time and the delayed travel. I had time to relax on the beach, visit family, eat and plan for the future.

I’m already saving towards bringing my children back with me during the summer!

I’m so proud of what my mum and dad have achieved together in such a short space of time together, Kegali Hotel is so cute and unique with such a professional and intimate feeling to it. It just shows that dreams are worth achieving if you put your mind to it…

I came back to a Testimony-basically a well-received apology, the morning after I arrived back to London. It was a shock, I mean you know when you know somebody knows you deep enough to behave towards you accordingly; but they don’t and end up disregarding everything anyway.

He commended me as a Mother and for once in these nine years of being parents, he has recognised the work I have put in with and without him. Building up a business with a sense of freedom has not been easy whilst raising a family who are all under 10 years old. I’m still quite young myself, growing, learning, adapting to what works best, but to have someone that you’ve known since childhood put you down repeatedly as a woman and as a mother when all I’ve done is strive towards my best, had my head spinning three months ago. On top of that he was dating a one-to-one assistant in my child’s class!

Things weren’t going right, people have fallen off during the last few months because they couldn’t understand my approach to telling him to go and do better, but I put my lfaith in God and the good doings of my work and believed that eventually everything would turn around for the good of us all, even though in the beginning he turnt soar.

We are now working towards getting the children into a better school, even though I’ve always wanted to home-school, and we are going through the courts to get joint custody of our children because we both know how much we both mean to the children and the values that we both hold as mother and father.

Together or not it is very important to respect, support and be on the same page as parents.

Although I can never see us getting back together again (too much history); I do see our communication and understanding getting much better with one another.

Well I can’t see things getting any worse.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I can feel the strength within.

Some families fail at doing such thing, some days I had to ignore various phone calls to stay focused on the bigger picture in how I felt that I needed to deal with rectifying our issues, but because of me having Polycystic ovaries, I didn’t know if I could have any children and there was no way because of a major glitch that I’d ever fall off as mother.

To any mother or father who doesn’t believe in their dreams because of another friend or families opinion, go and pursue them anyway, believe in who you are and step into your destiny.

During this time, my instincts have been a special key.

I have been very open, but family life can be difficult at times and if I can help even one person to believe in themselves during a tough time then I will.

Life isn’t perfect, but I am very passionate about life and what I do to take care of and be a special memory in all my mindees lifes and I feel very privileged to all of the families for staying with us throughout.