1. Make or become different.
  2. Take or use another instead of.


  1. An act or process through which something becomes different.

Change is a word that can mean so many different things for different people, depending on the context in which the word is used in.

For me, change has been the topic of heated debates, arguments, the point of meditation and the bright light positive switch moment in something that I’d like to create for myself and others around me.

Now, it is about finishing this chapter in this big novel and starting a smooth and exciting new one.

I’m going to be thirty in eleven days, little old Tammas, Timmy, Tea, Egg, Teamara.

I haven’t had my babies at home with me for the past month and yes it has been a huge change for me. Some nights I wrap up after work and lay in the hallway outside their bedrooms wondering how long it’ll take before their father and I have a judgement made in court and we are both happy with our childcare arrangements. I never thought that we’d be living in these circumstances; reliving a path that I once walked as a child, battling with someone that I spent some of my teens and most of my twenties with.

I guess you never really know a person until they allow you to know who they really are.

Maybe I watched too many Disney movies growing up, I literally thought that my life would be a fairy-tale; but then again standing up tall and strong is all I’ve ever known because of the strong women who I have been fortunate to grow up around.

During this time, my girls have been the best, from the check ins to the little local dates and powerful prep talks.

I’ve had work, driving, fitness and djing lessons which have all helped in keeping me focused and busy. I am passionate about all of them and I feel like I’m on the elevator to becoming the best version of me!

What do I expect from myself in this new chapter?

  • A stronger woman who is prepped and ready for any challenge which may come before her.
  • Peace
  • My 3 J’s home
  • Happiness
  • Balance
  • People around who walk with their hearts on their sleeves whose motives I never have to question.
  • A team who are dedicated and hungry for Greatness.


Let’s say cheers to the new chapter ahead!